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Founded in 1986, Guangdong Shanhu Group designs and produces indoor environmental appliances including tower fans, heaters, air-purifiers, humidifiers and air sanitizers for both household and commercial use. Shanhu has been proud of our tower fan products throughout the past 37 years, and we are also one of the earliest manufacturers to produce air purification products early as 2005. Our products are exported to six Continents, and over 50 million consumers worldwide are enjoying our products.


Shanhu aims to design and produce innovative and functional products for our clients. During the design process, Shanhu leverage its R&D and QA expertise to ensure every product is in a good balance of quality and optimal usage of material and components. Moreover, Shanhu provides satisfactory services for the whole delivery process from project stage to shipments and after-sales service. We strive to offer a one-stop solution for our clients with satisfaction.


We are here to help growing your business together

New business idea are unlimited; at the same time, you need different resources to implement your business plan. With many successful cases, Shanhu has experiences and resources not only in supply chain, but also in product design and so on. Come talk to us to let us explore with you!

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Our Journey So Far



Founder Mr. Fok Su Tim has started the business without any fund. There were 3 business partners at the beginning: a tourist company from Zhuhai, the local government, and Mr. Fok.   

After failing a few times times of startups, Mr. Fok brings in the idea of producing tower fan to be the core business of Shanhu. 



After 2 years of design and testing, the first Shanhu tower fan has come to production. 

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